Cynic – Mythical Serpents (2021, Single)

Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment that asks an important question pertaining to identity. When you take a ship apart part by part or piece by piece and replace it accordingly, does it still continue to be the same ship? Cynic now is a band that is undergoing this metamorphosis. With the tragic passing of 2 of its members (Sean Malone & Sean Reinert) both, greats of their respective craft. It is interesting to see what the band in its new avatar can accomplish. Needless to say, Focus is one of my all time favourite albums and Cynic is an important band to me. The new 2021 single Mythical Serpents is a continuation of exactly where the band left off and continues the harmonious outlook of the band with processed vocals.

The credits lists Dave Mackay responsible for the bass synthesizer & keyboards along with Matt Lynch responsible for the drumscapes. Paul Masvidal’s phenomenal songwriting skills are the forefront here. The track is very progressive edging on Sci-Fi sounds that will immediately strike a chord with fans of modern prog metal or fans of Cynic at large. Beautifully composed, with a slightly fast paced tempo, given the circumstances Cynic seems to be at the top of their game thanks to the direction of Paul. The track starts off slow with an amalgamation of sounds leading to crests and troughs of sonic planes. As gentle as it sounds, the track channels an inner aggressiveness that comes through. The pleasant wave like solos stand out and the drumming is fantastic (nicely done Matt!).

Produced and mixed to perfection, it sets an excellent platform for the upcoming full length. Needless to say I am eagerly waiting for the full length which will be out on Nov 26, 2021 via Season of Mist Records. Till then, I hope they keep dropping snippets off the 18 track album.