Diskord – Degenerations (2021)

We kick off Degenrations with a very Djent’y beginning but contrary to the generic workflows of metal artists, we know Diskord is anything but a normal band. They’re funky, Djent’y, Heavy and quite innovative. Now, does innovation warrant stupidity? It sometimes does and who dares, might perhaps win too. Now, as I come to Track #2 – Bionic Tomb Eternal, we’re talking about a Flea like bassline guiding the track ahead. I like it but I’m not so sure about the traditional fans of the genre whom I doubt would stray so far in the first place. As we potentially hint at a normalcy with Track #3 – Abnegations, we are taken into the juggernaut, this is like being in a clothes dryer, the rhythm is bouncy. The bass sounds “poppy” and the guitar solo in between is tasty. On the whole this is perhaps as standard as we can get but this is a fantastic composition. The mini guitar interludes weave into each other with utmost precision. I think if you’re reading this, you’ve already given this album some time of your life and I sincerely urge you to continue. This could be a gym album, it could be a soundtrack to a sunny day in Vancouver or well, you can simply have this alongside your FPS.

I am on the fence about it but I surely want to keep this album in my rotation. The genius of this album is the songwriting. An ever-changing spectrum of sound with experimental patterns and buffers fill up the atmosphere. You can call it chunky, poppy or jumpy but Diskord manage to pull it all together with a definite sense of ease. The growls mix in with synthetic ease. It’s as if they’re meant to be there, you once don’t question what such low vocals are doing in the mix and that’s the genius of it. The album is definitely not your run of the mill Death Metal affair, it’s like reality TV. You either love it or hate it. Although I said I was on the fence earlier, I know this is the kind of Death-Metal-Crazy I love with some time. Give it a while and consume the crazy because you hear something new every single time and it is exactly that sense of “Woooaaahhh” that I truly enjoy. Shout out to the technical crew behind the album it’s mixed to perfection and the production is fantastic on the whole.

Rating: 3.5/5