Aara – Triade I: Eos

We need to ask the obvious question here, what is so exceptional about this record? Well, in my opinion, nothing really. It is a well made record with excellent musicianship and production. Other than that it seems pretty ordinary to me, it surely doesn’t feel the the best of what atmospheric black metal could offer this year or in general.

The drumming is default, there’s not much variety across songs and it’s the constant pummelling all through. There’s very little variation in the entirety of the sound. The vocals are pretty constant as well, again it’s the same tone through the entire release. I’m fine with screeches but it did kind of got monotonous after track 1. The atmosphere feels thin and frankly doesn’t really build up as we flow through the album. The band clearly seems to have missed building upon the slow sections in between, they’re just left there for relief of the listener I suppose. To me it seems like an opportunity missed, the album definitely has good ideas and frankly gives an eastern esoteric feel on the whole.

To circle back, is this a well made record? Yes.
Are the musicians top notch? Yes.
Is this an excellent atmospheric black metal album? No.
Is this a decent atmospheric black metal album? Sure.