Body of Proof by Sophie Ellis and Darrell Brown

I’ve just finished this Podcast and it tries and succeeds in adding in some vital questions into the disappearance of Suzanne Pilley and the eventual conviction of David Gilroy. It’s pretty well done throwing in multiple angles of the case itself and highlights potential gaps that may have been overlooked. Based on and only on what the podcast states, it’s clear some angles need to be immediately looked into by the authorities –

  1. Time loss – Although Fox Mulder would chew this up, this is something that clearly needs to be re-checked
  2. SP9 & SP10 – Well if the quality of the evidence is as bad as what this podcast makes it out to be, how have these been admissible in the first place?
  3. Blue Car – What’s with the blue car that was mentioned? It made an illegal entry onto a road and it still wasn’t identified? That’s strange.
  4. 7 mins – What is the minimum recorded time to perform an act of violence? Is 7 mins sufficient to do what Gilroy has been convicted of doing?
  5. Re-surfacing – Who was this person who identified Pilley post a year? What caused the delay in talking to her and investigating her recollection?

I suppose on the whole, it’s a well produced Podcast but it definitely lacks the punch. Non UK audience could find it slightly tuff to follow. If you have some time on your hands, give this a go.

This is the ten year anniversary page on Suzzanne Pilley’s disappearance –