Our Place of Worship is Silence – Disavowed, and Left Hopeless (2021)

A hesitating descent into rhythm sparks surprises as we kick off with ‘The Conspiracy Against Cruelty’. The dissonant guitars envelope the well tracked drums. Although the riffs are the nothing new, their crispness keeps your attention. With the  vocalist’s incantation is ringing in the background, we finally enter the well of nothingness. OUR PLACE OF WORSHIP IS SILENCE has a few things going for them, firstly I love the name of the band and secondly, they’re a coherent unit working with the strengths of each other. These could be your typical vocals on a Black / Death Metal records but they fit in well. The highlight of this album has to be the execution of riffs. Nothing new and revolutionary, yet they’re executed to perfection. They occupy the sonic spectrum with a command.

The rhythm is rock solid, the band seems to have approached the songwriting with a precision of an assembly line line production giving utmost care to every single aspect whilst having simply complimented each other’s strengths. I’ve to add that this slab of metal is quite engaging. The next obvious question is how frequently will I spin this record and well, I’d say once in 2-3 weeks perhaps and it wouldn’t be my immediate go-to. This album will surely follow the greats in dissonant dealers. Whilst I can attest to the quality, this album needs time and patience to settle into the gaps of your environment. Tracks like ‘Disavowed, and Left Hopeless’ see a sudden punch to the vocals which take a moment to dissolve into the madness. Although these are high in the mix, you eventually get used to them. All in all this is a pretty decent album.

Rating: 3/5